Window repair and replacement

Affordable Home Improvement

Affordable Home Improvement

Affordable Home Improvements have made multiple valley homes beautiful from their curb appeal to their re-designed interiors. Whether you require replacement of a broken window or need new windows installed, we can handle whatever task you throw at us!

Affordable Home Improvements are your window repair and replacement specialists in the greater Phoenix, AZ area! If your home requires window repair or replacement, we will ensure that the repair is precise and/or the replacement exact. We can repair any window, regardless of condition or replace your existing window with a more energy efficient model. One repair and/or replacement up to your entire home, we can install it all. We will not recommend replacing window parts or wholes if they are not absolutely necessary. Regardless of whether you repair or replace, we guarantee that you will be a completely satisfied customer. As a broken window can be an obvious safety concern, we will do our very best to ensure you have a repaired or replaced window within the shortest timeframe possible. Don’t wait for a small chip or crack to become a safety concern for your family. Contact Affordable Home Improvements as soon as a problem is noticed. We are able to provide you construction grade window parts and replacements that some “big box” stores are unable to stock. We believe the best materials produce the best results. No middle man and our low overhead means that Affordable Home Improvements saves you time and money, when you need it the most.

Call Affordable Home Improvements as soon as you notice a potential safety issue with your windows. At Affordable Home Improvements, our motto is to  provide only the best craftsmanship while only using the highest grade materials available. Try us once and you will see just why we are amongst the best in Phoenix, AZ.

Affordable Home Improvements is dedicated to providing only top quality service, repair and installation of many projects in the Phoenix, AZ metropolitan area. This will be evident in the workmanship of your finished project. We will ensure your project is done right and on schedule. We guarantee it. We are YOUR local Phoenix, AZ owned and operated Residential Contractor/Handyman Service Company. We are here to alleviate your most troublesome projects. No job or repair is too difficult for us to handle for you. Affordable Home Improvements have earned a very solid A+ rating with the BBB. Rest assured, you truly can trust Affordable Home Improvements!



Affordable Home Improvements installs every type of window.  Call us to schedule your new window installation in Phoenix, AZ! We are experienced craftsmen dedicated to providing top quality service. This will be evident in the workmanship. 602-274-1336

Whatever your project, we’ll make sure it’s done right. We guarantee it. We are YOUR local Phoenix, AZ owned and operated Residential Contracting – Handyman Service Company here to help. We can help repair, fix, remodel, build or create your house or home.

Affordable Home Improvements has earned a strong A+ rating with the BBB. You can trust Affordable Home Improvements.